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Feb 14, 2008

Quick Pronunciation Guide

The Japanese language has 5 vowels a , i , u , e , o.
They are pronounced respectively as in these English words: father, feet, food, pet, mote.
They are referred to as short vowels. These vowels also have long forms which sound exactly like their short forms. Just draw out the long vowel sounds to about twice the length of the short.
In this guide and application long vowel sounds will be written as double vowels, like this: aa, ii, uu, ee, oo.
Word particles such as wa(subject of sentence) and no(possessive) are pronounced as part of the previous word.
When the vowel u comes at the end of a word it is silent or barely heard.
When the consonant n comes at the end of a word it is sounds nasally as in the English word bank.
Japanese words are pronounced with a steady cadence it is incorrect to stress syllables within words.